Freddie Mac Pedestrian Bridge

McLean, VA

Office Building Connection

The Freddie Mac Pedestrian Bridge encompasses two bridge structures: a single-span cable-stayed bridge and a multi-span continuous post-tensioned concrete bridge. The concrete bridge connects the Freddie Mac Phase IV office building to Freddie Mac Phase I office building by way of the cable-stayed bridge. Also, Freddie Mac Phase I office building is connected to the Freddie Mac Phase III office building with a section of the concrete bridge.

Delon Hampton & Associates was responsible for the structural design and construction services of the bridge based on the dimensions and layout provided by the designer. Given the unusual design of the bridge, we worked with design and construction peer reviewers, answering comments and refining the design. We worked out many complicated detailing and force transfer problems using the results of 3-D structural modeling. This was a challenging signature project, driven by the architecture of offset and unbalanced cable-stayed masts.

Freddie Mac
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