Harvard Triangle Intersection

Washington, DC

Safety Improvements

This project involved the intersection improvement at Howard Street, Adams Mill Road and the Washington Zoo Entrance and at Adams Mill, Irving Street, and Kenyon Street intersections. These intersections were not functioning properly because the intersections were at an acute angle, on significantly steep slopes and the streets were located at different levels along a hilly terrain. Delon Hampton & Associates (DHA) was retained by DDOT to provide a design solution that would significantly improve the traffic flow and safety of the intersections. Various design solutions implemented included: widening portions of Adams Mill road to increase the turning radii; grade separating the east and west sides of Adams Mill Road so that the intersection of Irving and Adams Mill was flatter and provided a better sight distance; and also improving the channelizing devices at the intersection of Adams Mill Road, Harvard Street, and the Zoo entrance.

These design solutions required the full reconstruction of Adams Mill Road and all the associated roadway elements including storm sewer systems, street lights, traffic signals, and landscaping. DHA produced full construction documents for the project and participated during the construction phase of the project.

The proximity of the project to Rock Creek Parkway and to a historical neighborhood required careful coordination with the local stakeholders and Advisory Neighborhood Councils (ANC). During the design process DHA, along with DDOT, participated in public hearings, presentations, sought and received a buy-in from the stake holders. During construction, due to change in personnel of the stakeholders association in the neighborhood, new issues were raised that required a quick response from DDOT and DHA. All the issues that were raised were mitigated by DDOT and DHA and the project was fully implemented to the satisfaction of the stake holders and DDOT.

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