Columbia Heights Streetscape

Washington, DC

Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

Delon Hampton & Associates (DHA) provided overall management and civil engineering design services for the streetscape improvements associated with the neighborhood's revitalization plan. The DC Office of Planning selected DHA to manage the development of a Public Realm Framework Plan for the Columbia Heights neighborhood with a focus for improvements on a one-quarter-mile radius from the Metro Subway Station. 

The Plan was developed according to the District’s principles for Transit Oriented Development. The goals for the public realm were to strengthen community identity, celebrate diversity, and create a lively experience. A special design committee and several public workshops were organized to elicit input from the community. Our work included the full depth reconstruction, installation of curbs, gutters, sidewalks, drainage structures, and utility work. The final design included dimension layouts for proposed wheelchair ramps, including elevations at tops and bottoms of ramps to insure compliance with the ADA accessibility guidelines.

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District Department of Transportation (DDOT)
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