Air Rights Tunnel and Bridges

Washington, DC

Rehabilitation over I-395

Delon Hampton & Associates (DHA) performed construction management for the rehabilitation of three bridges over the Air Rights Tunnel portion of I-395, which included the K and H Street bridges and the Massachusetts Avenue bridge. The project also included the replacement and upgrade of the major electrical and mechanical components within the Air Rights Tunnel.

The rehabilitation work to the bridges encompassed a variety of structural repairs, bridge and roadway resurfacing, sidewalk and street lighting improvements, traffic signalization upgrades, curb and gutter replacement. The tunnel work involved extensive repairs and upgrades to the ventilation systems, the associated electrical systems and other life safety systems in the 1,300 foot tunnel. The ventilation system controls the air quality within the tunnel and utilizes a variety of equipment to accomplish this; through the use of a very large supply of exhaust fans, motors, drives, dampers, electrical control panels and switchgear.

DHA performed construction management services as the Owner’s representative and managed a team of eight construction management and inspection personnel through construction. The team included personnel with solid concrete, asphalt, maintenance of traffic, mechanical and electrical experience. They provide construction management oversight, quality assurance and ensured that construction adhered to the contract requirements and DDOT specifications. The team also managed a SharePoint project portal for all project stakeholders to share and disseminate public information, project correspondence and documents, construction status, roadway and travel modifications.

District of Columbia Department of Transportation (DDOT)
District of Columbia Department of Transportation (DDOT)
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