Philadelphia International Airport

Philadelphia, PA

Program Management Office Services

Delon Hampton & Associates (DHA), as part of three-way joint venture, is providing Program Management Office (PMO) services for the Capacity Enhancement Program (CEP) and Capital Improvement Program (CIP) at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). The 12-15 year program is comprised of a complex grouping of major projects that involve multiple phases and steps. The key improvements during the term of this assignment are expected to be a proposed phased modification of two runways; the construction of a new runway connected by a redesigned and more efficient taxiway system; increased gate capacity and terminal accommodations; and enhanced landside facilities and amenities. Prior to project construction, it is anticipated that two to three years will be required to allow for design and permitting activities, including land acquisition and financing. The CIP scope of work is specific to repair and renewal type activities, both landside and airside, which are required to affect a more efficient operation of systems and components.

City of Philadelphia, Department of Commerce, Division of Aviation
City of Philadelphia, Department of Commerce, Division of Aviation
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